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[wtp-releng] Is org.eclipse.jst.server.installable anything?

I've had this pesky red-X in this project in my workspace for a while ... and decided to get serious about finding out what was causing it.

After 30 minutes or so ... I discovered we don't even build this! But apparently did in 3.1?

So ... assuming we really no longer need it, may I suggest when a project/plugin like this becomes no-longer needed, that the 'head' version be nulled out, and leave a small note (in a file named, say "archived.txt") about what happened to to the function, where it moved to, or just removed function, etc.

That way, we can rebuild in maintenance, if ever required, but I (and others) won't be so confused in the future.

I'll do it myself, if someone from core server team lets me know details. (I'm sure I once knew, but have forgotten).


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