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Re: [wtp-releng] Compile errors in org/eclipse/jpt/jaxb/core/schemagen/


I think this was a misunderstanding of sorts with what ended up happening with this new addition.  We in no way intend to have a 1.6 requirement on any Dali bundles for this release.  It appears that this issue wasn't fully corrected today, so I will make sure that it is addressed ASAP.  The solution you mention (regarding javax.xml.bind) seems completely sufficient to resolve this issue, so unless you hear otherwise, assume that this is the path that has been taken. 

Sorry for the churn here.  This change was obviously overly ambitious for this stage.  If anything smells funny at all with this tomorrow I will make sure that all of these changes vanish for M6.  The risk associated with this change was primarily build related, and boy did it deliver. : )


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Are you sure you want to contribute the _first_ WTP bundle to _require_ Java 1.6?  I liked your first approach in cvs history of prereqing javax.xml.bind, if all you need is the package libraries (you could use "import package" and then get it from either VM, or the javax.xml.bind, if a person was running on Java 5. Do you actually use Java 6 language features? Or ... did you switch to Java 6 just to get the built in libraries?

But, since you did switch to Java 6 (and the first in WTP to do so) you uncovered a bug in our build scripts that didn't show up before, because no one else _requires_ Java 1.6. (notice a pattern in my comments? :)

I've fixed the bug, and restarted the midnight run, but would encourage to think about this requirement carefully. In practice, maybe wouldn't matter ... but, architecturally, the fewer assumptions made the better ... unless you are actually using Java 6 language features in your code.

If interested, the bug was that we need to list where to find all the classes for the VM, for compiling, and in 6, the jar changed names from "core.jar" to "rt.jar", for IBM's VM, as we use on the machine, but the scripts said "core.jar" for all versions.

At least by introducing a brand new VM requirement, during the final "rampdown" week of M6 you sort of make adding new function and adding a new bundle seem less of a big deal than it otherwise would.

Its going to be along week, isn't it?

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