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RE: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.2.0 I-build

We are not seeing these errors in a local build and I did checkin a fix that I thought would fix the error in the build. We will investigate. Since these are issues with the tests, the smoke tests should still be valid.


From: David M Williams [mailto:david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 5:44 PM
To: wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.2.0 I-build


Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.2.0 I-build

Please document your Project's testing and approval of build, by Friday,
2 PM (Eastern Time), or let us know if that's not possible.

It appears the JSF Test compile fix didn't get released, as expected.
But ... that won't hold up anything, since we're late anyway.
Hopefully the substantial issues people fixed today are all in this build.
Please confirm and update the smoke test promotion page.

Current Build

Smoketest Results


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