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[wtp-releng] Who started another I-build?

This time, I know who! :)

according to cvs, the file was committed about 2:30 PM today. And, the bug it references is not marked "blocking" or anything sounding like a re-build is required.

So, I plan to kill the build, unless I hear quick that a respin really is required and the check-in was intentional. And, in that case, the only error was that you need to keep us informed here on wtp-releng that you have a blocking defect, and have released a fix and would like it included in this week's declared I-build.

Otherwise, it's "no code Thursday" (as Thursday is every week). Remember, even if we can kill or freeze the builds, no code should be released, since if we did need a re-build for some blocking problem, we would want the new build to only change in exactly what was intended for the blocking defect. Please see or bookmark

Let me know if the build is really required and intended or if there are questions about our weekly rhythm.


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