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[wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.2 Build RC3

Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.2 Build RC3

Please document your Project's testing and approval of our maintenance build,
by today, Thursday, 2 PM (Eastern Time), or let us know if that's not possible.

This is our Galileo SR2 RC3.  

There were some JPA DNF unit tests failures, which I'd assume were the usual intermittent issue.  

There has not been many changes from previous RC, but since we are so close to the release,
the build deserves good testing. Maybe a good time to 'verify' bugs fixed this cycle?  
[And, recall, there is no Helios testing this week, since we are declaring Helios M5, it is a
good time to review and update plans.]

Current Build

Smoketest Results

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