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Re: [wtp-releng] Persistence pays off: I-3.2.0-20100123000101

I picked up and smoke tested, and while it looks like the deployment problems are fixed, I ran into another bad problem... not sure how it was missed...

This has to do with Adding modules to an Ear

I'm investigating now

Thanks - Chuck

Senior Development Manager, Rational Java EE Tooling
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC

From: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: Webtools releng discussion list <wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01/23/2010 12:50 AM
Subject: [wtp-releng] Persistence pays off: I-3.2.0-20100123000101
Sent by: wtp-releng-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Finally, a build to finalize for the week.

It still does not have unit tests running, if teams can retest on Saturday, hopefully we'll get it declared and then start S-builds.

You may see more builds going on, but unless you see a note on wtp-releng where someone found another blocker, or found one required one didn't get in after all,
then all those additional builds will be doing it trying to get our unit tests running. The content will be the same.  

Good luck,

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