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[wtp-releng] Why are our JUnit tests not running?

Well, they are, a little. But, the overall test process times out before they complete. That process is restricted to 4 hours, and each test bundle is restricted to one hour.
And what's happening is that some tests are taking their whole hour allotment before being timed out.

Not sure why this started  happening (build machine does not seem especially busy) but it is suspicious that I just moved up the Platform prereq.  

While we investigate though, I've changed the overall limit to 5 hours, and each test limit to 30 minutes. (On a local build, I canceled some of our longer tests ... you know who you are ... and the rest seemed to finish fine). We'll see if this combination gets us through.

Just wanted to keep everyone informed with as much as I know ... what little that is.


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