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Re: [wtp-releng] UI Tests not running on

No, that is the cause for the large number of DNFs. 

A DNF usually means a test "times out". But, technically, it only means 
"there was supposed to be some output from the test, but there was no 
output found". So, anything that causes the test to exit in an abnormal 
way will "lose" the output ... in this case, Eclipse won't even start, so 
not output is generated, so shows up as a "DNF". 

It Did Not Finish because it Did Not Start. :) 

Neil Hauge <neil.hauge@xxxxxxxxxx>
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11/18/2009 10:03 AM
Re: [wtp-releng] UI Tests not running on
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I don't assume this is causing most of the WTP test suites to DNF in the 
last to 3.2 builds?  Anyone have any ideas what is going on?


David M Williams wrote:
> I've opened bug 295394. 
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