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[wtp-releng] I have tagged releng maps with R3_1_1

I have tagged all our releng projects (including maps) with our 
conventional R3_1_1 tag (I used R2_2_1 for Dali). I suggest other 
sub-projects do similar for your code and feature modules. It is extremely 
unlikely we would re-build at this point. 

As far as I know all our 'prereqs' are done, with only slight changes from 
our final build. For example, the Platform rebuilt to pickup the label 
bug, so use their M20090911-1628 build for any final testing anyone wants 
to do. The only other change (that I know of) is GEF and not sure what 
they changed. Isn't it cool that EMF had no service release?! How's that 
for a stable component! I will update our download page with the "final" 
(renamed) versions of our pre-reqs, once they are available. 

There will be no more formal WTP testing for 3.1.1 but feel free to do any 
sanity checking you'd like, and we hope our adopters do the same. In 
particular, please try out the (temporary) update sites for any scenarios 
you'd like to verify. The webtools (temporary) site is at 
.../webtools/maintenance/. What's there will literally replace what is at 
.../webtools/updates/ once we formally release, on 9/25. That site, as 
always, assumes you have all prereqs installed. If you'd like to try an 
all-in-one site, try .../releases/maintenance/ (its not quite complete, 
but has all our stuff there). The EPP packages to test will be at but appears they have not been 
update yet with (near) final content. Should be there by end of this week. 

Much thanks for a very smooth maintenance release! 

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