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Re: [wtp-releng] Status of builds and smoke test requests: 1 go 1 no

JPT issues have been corrected in 3.2 and released. Apologies for the delay.


David M Williams wrote:
3.1.1 SR1 RC2. We can do a good smoke test of our 3.1.1 RC2 build, but there are some minor versioning errors (where "only the qualifier increased). Since this is our _release candidate_ we should try and fix this week, if possible. 3.2 I-build. Needs work. There's a couple of junit failures in "core" components (xml? dtd?) so I hesitate to ask anyone to smoke test until those are understood. As Neil mentioned, the jpt test bundles are "missing" (perhaps need to update some pre-req ranges ... from 'common' bundles?) The builds being "down" for two days have impacted us this week, but I think we can still push ahead and get a declarable I-build this week. If/when you make changes to for this week's build (either stream) let us know via wtp-releng (and, for example, I'll restart the build if one has already started).

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