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Re: [wtp-releng] XSL Tools build failure?

I assume you mean the one-time DNF failure in the standalone build? From 
what I could see, it ran in the integration builds and only failed one on 
standalone build. 

DNF failures ("Did Not Finish") can be caused from temporary 
infrastructure issues (e.g. occasionally has it's own 
network problems). 

I'd say if it happens once, just try again. If it happens repeatedly, then 
it deserves some investigation. And then, the first place to look is at 
your unit tests timeout value. I think it's one-hour, per suite, for main 
builds ... might be 30 minutes for your build (I'd have to check) ... but 
I assume your tests are not near that limit? If so, then the tests can 
occasionally take longer than usual if build machine is under heavy load 
(for example, if limit was 30 minutes, and your tests normally took 25 
minutes, they'd run fine most the time, but occasionally they'd time out 
if it would have taken them 35 minutes due to many other processes 
stealing cycles). 


David Carver <dcarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Webtools releng discussion list <wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx>
08/10/2009 01:15 PM
[wtp-releng] XSL Tools build failure?
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It doesn't look like the wst.xsl tests suite rain during the last 
build.   I know we haven't released anything since the last integration 
build?   I checked the build log but didn't see anything that jumped out 
at me from the output.


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