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[wtp-releng] Status of our Helios builds ... and actions required

Apologies for the many "WTP 3.3" build breaks, caused by me, but I think 
I've finally tweaked our (main) build to use our same 3.2 source, but with 
a different set of pre-reqs. 

It appears its we are fairly compatible with the Platform's 3.6 M1-ish 
code, except ... 

1) a small tweak was required to widen our range of jdt pre-req in 
jsp.core ... a good reminder we should all strive to get off all use of 
non-API code so we can use wide ranges. 

2) A large number of JSF JUnits are consistently failing (all for same 
reason, it appears). It'd be good to check these out in next day or two 
just in case it really has uncovered a change/bug in Platform's code -- 
their M1 deadline is this Friday, the 8th -- but offhand it could just be 
a test problem, or perhaps they improved error reporting? But, if they 
have actually "broken us", we should let them know before they promote 
their M1 -- I know they want to maintain compatibility if they can. 
Otherwise, we should fix our code to work equally well with each set of 
3) Some, not completely consistent, JUnit errors in Dali's unit tests. As 
above, let us know if that's a change in behavior from Platform, or if 
it's something we can fix in our one code base. 

Remember that we won't have a formal smoke-test and formal "promote vote" 
for our Helios M1 -- we will use Galileo as the base for our testing for 
our 3.2 plans -- but I'd still encourage everyone to do your own informal 
smoke tests and try and catch any obvious bugs or incompatibilities. Our 
plan is to have our code base to be compatible with both streams (Galileo 
and Helios). 

Thanks all, 

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