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Re: [wtp-releng] Massive JUnit failures prevent email notification

Yep. We'll go ahead and comment out the failing suites for now. They do only fail on the build machine, so that is making things more tricky. Hoping to reproduce locally on Linux with IBM JDK, but haven't tested this yet.


David M Williams wrote:
The more observant among us have noticed that email notifications from our builds have not been sent recently. (Thanks Carl). This is because there is an error from the mail server reporting that "the message is too large". (And the typical limit is 20 Meg!). I think the messages are too large because of the massive JUnit failures in some of the suites. Perhaps those suites could be disabled until they are fixed? Do they happen only on build machine? There is probably a way we can fix the message output so it is slimmed down for massive JUnit failures ... but, I'd prefer not to do that extra work if this is a temporary, rare, and transient problem. Thanks,

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