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Re: [wtp-releng] What happened to Cruisecontrol?

Just a suggestion. You might want to look into moving WTP to Hudson. It's on and is a starting to be used by several eclipse projects. Provides similar functionality and more.


David M Williams wrote:

Nothing ... It's still there ...

but, I disabled the dashboard (that's the fancy, colorful ajax-app with lots of moving parts).

We've been running into trouble lately, where Cruisecontrol uses (or leaks?) threads and handles until it crashes. For several weeks .. it hasn't been that big of a deal, I'd just restart it every few days or weeks.

But, lately, they leak so quickly, we can't get through even one of our 4 to 5 hour builds!

I think the reason the problem might be happening right now, is that more people are "watching" our build pages as we approach a milestone, hence, the problem is multiplied by the number of clients interacting with the server.

But, we need a build, so I turned off the dashboard and went back to the trusty JSP pages. So far holding steady at only 64 threads (with the dashboard, we'd get a new thread every 10 seconds or so ... soon adding up to 3000 or so, which is about the limit for the way our system is set up.

I've discovered there are known CC bugs in this area ... see

We'll live with the JSP version until after M6 ... maybe even forever. It might be easier for us to customize since suspect we know more about JSP that Spring and Ajax (plus, I've heard Ajax is notoriously a memory and thread hog, even without bugs).

Just wanted to let you all know now what was up ... we'll look for improved solutions in the months ahead.



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