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Re: [wtp-releng] JUnit failures in the JSF Tools project..

Ian Trimble wrote:
For some reason that I cannot determine, the behaviour of *org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.document.ElementImpl.cloneNode(boolean)* has changed such that after cloning, it now causes some later call to convert that element into a String to produce attributes with single quotes wrapping their values instead of double quotes (so, <param value="" /> becomes <param value='' /> after cloning). Subsequently, our textual comparison failed. I have made a test class fix that protects against this (since I cannot determine the root cause and since we ARE using an internal implementation class of WTP's). SSE XML team may want to investigate if they have made a recent (about 1 week?) change that could be the root cause, and, if so, if the change is expected and acceptable. I haven't logged a bug, as we ARE using an internal implementation class in our test, and, as such, we need to be resilient to any changes.
Personally, I'd I open a bug as this is a change in behavior, and while this is still technically correct according to the DOM, it is a physical change to the output. I believe the SSE XML team was doing some memory optimization last week as I caught a namespace issue during that time with some of the XSL Tools tests.

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