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Re: [wtp-releng] Fw: [WTPBUILD: wtp-R3.1-I] wtp-R3.1-I Build Failed -- Dali Team?

We have fixed the broken Dali tests, now there are 2 remaining test failures in jst.pagedesigner. These have been failing consistently since Saturday. Also, the usual versioning test failure.


David M Williams wrote:

Hi Team,

Through out the day, I figured those 200+ JUnit failures were due to Tim
not releasing his code, but ... not. (Which sadly, means he has no JUnit's
for that code :)

Neil, and Dali team, I hope you just made some release error, because
otherwise, I fear there was a change in the new Platform pre-req that is
causing all your annotation-related JUnit errors. Yikes!

In either case, remember, you don't have to wait till Thursday to get a
clean build :)


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