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[wtp-releng] Reminder to tag projects with handy tag

I've tagged the map files and releng files with R3_0_4.

I'd suggest project leads also tag your source projects with a meaningful tag, such as R3_0_4, just to have a handy tag to use when you later want to do compares with that release.

I'll fire-up some 3.0.5 builds soon ... even though it will be a while before we test/declare a weekly M-build (since we don't have a schedule yet).

The "rules" for the 3.0.5 maintenance release will be as they were for 3.0.4 ... Only bad bugs, no new function, no UI changes, Project Lead approval required, etc. Feel free to ask if something isn't clear enough. We'll likely finalize the schedule in March some time.


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