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[wtp-releng] Request to confirm WTP 3.0.4 release ... by 3 PM!

Please document our readiness to release WTP 3.0.4.
By 3 PM Wednesday, 18th, or let us know if that's not possible.
The purpose of this "final vote" is just to officially document it,
and provide a page to document how you did "final testing"
(as I know many of you have been doing the past week or two).

This build is not different that previous week's "M build".
(The date of the zip has changed, but the map files are the same).

Also, I have not "respun" with the final builds of all our pre-reqs.
If anyone knows of a reason we should (e.g. a constant has changed)
feel free to say we need it, but that seems so unlikely (that they'd make
that mistake) I don't think we need to just out of routine.
I will update the build page "pre-req" section once the
final builds and their URLs are available.


Final Results

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