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[wtp-releng] yet another feature versioning problem in 3.0.4?

Hi Raghu,

I wouldn't call this 'blocking', this week, just because I'm tired, :)
but wanted to point out there's still a versioning error being reported in 3.0.4.
Let me know if you want to fix today, or if you'll wait till next week.
One advantage of doing it this week, is then when I update the 3.1 reference data for next week,
that reference data will be the most correct. But, we can live with either way, just let us know
how you want to handle.



      2.0.1.v20080811-41-7z4AcIz-76BB54Dl8x422A234 (current)
      2.0.1.v20080811-4-17z4AbHz-D4AC8F__67Fi8x422 (reference)

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