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[wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1 I-build

Please smoketest the 3.1 I-build and update the smoketest page with your results by 3 PM EST Friday (at the latest).


Smoketest Results

There are 2 areas of Unit test failure that need fixing ... they appear minor enough not to interfere with smoke testing, but must be fixed before we can declare:

1. org.eclipse.jst.jsf.designtime.tests.AllTests

2. Bundles with qualifier-only increases


      1.0.303.v20090113 (current)
      1.0.303.v200805140145 (reference)
      1.0.100.v20090113 (current)
      1.0.100.v200805140145 (reference)

See also

Reminder: there is no M-build to smoke test or declare this week ... just due to our schedule ... so you can continue to release to that build, if you'd like.

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