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[wtp-releng] What caused all those XSL build failures?

... It was me :) 

While fixing the "successful build" notification bug mentioned in the 
status meeting (bug 258537), 
I noticed some messages in the log that indicated that the "notify on 
every failure" messages have 
never been working (bug 258591)!?

So, to test the fix for the failure case, I wanted a quick build that I 
could make fail ... XSL being the natural choice (sorry XSL team) ... and 
it failed a lot more often than I'd planned before I actually fixed the 

But, both bugs seemed to be fixed now, so let me know if you notice 
anything not working as you expect. 

Anyone want to start a pool on who will be the first to ask to be removed 
from the "notify on every failure", now that it is working? :) 

[Remember, RSS feeds are available]. 

BTW, I _may_ experiment with some alternative fixes for the failure case 
over the next 3 to 5 days, so don't be alarmed if you see odd failures 
even if you didn't change any code. 


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