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[wtp-releng] Current 303 status

Hi Team,

This is where we're currently at for 303.  There is no smoketest request today, but teams are expected to be testing throughout this 303 final test week, and updating the testplans.

1) Test Plans
Please update your plans before our dev mtg today, results are needed by 3PM EST Friday.

2) Latest 303 build - R-3.0.3-20081113071417
There are 6 Junit failures:

The only difference to the previous good build is 255077 - JEE team , can you pls assess if 255077 is the cause and need rework?

3) Current Outstanding Bugs
255108 - Pending PMC approval
254638 - Pending PMC approval
241466 - Dimitar, you mentioned previously that this is too risky to fix at the end of 303.  If this is not a stopship that will prevent us from exiting 303, then pls lower from critical and target for a future release where a safe fix can be implemented.
255077 - already PMC approved and released, but Junit failures seen on the build.  Please assess.
255149 - New bug opened today, pls assess this is really critical and would it be needed for the 303 release?  

Thank you!


Helen Zhang PMPĀ®
Rational Architecture Management Project Management Office
Eclipse Webtools Platform (WTP)

IBM Toronto Software Lab | 8200 Warden Ave. | Markham | L6G 1C7
Email: hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx | Phone: 905-413-3443 | T/L: 969-3443

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