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[wtp-releng] one more re-spin for 3.0.3 RC3

The previous last build had one JUnit failure. Carl will investigate but 
his initial impression was that it couldn't be related to any of the last 
few fixes that went in. So we'll see if re-appears. 

But the main reason for the re-spin is that I'd like to make sure this 
build is signed. I was thinking I'd turn on signing for the R-builds next 
week ... but, that's not quite right. Our RC builds should be exactly the 
same as what we release, since that's what people test. 

ETA approx 6 AM Eastern time ... apologies to you on EET hoping to get in 
some morning testing :) 
And, actually, nearly all testing done with an unsigned build would still 
be valid ... it might effect some performance cases. 


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