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Re: [wtp-releng] Current 3.1 build status - 12 Junit failures

The 10 EncodingTestSuite failures are due to a change in the XMLContentDescriber in the platform (

I am temporarily commenting out 4 test cases as I believe the XMLContentDescriber changes have introduced a bug (

I am updating the other 6 test cases to handle the XMLContentDescriber's new treatment of invalid encodings.

The bug opened to address this is


From: Helen Zhang <hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10/22/2008 03:31 PM
Subject: [wtp-releng] Current 3.1 build status - 12 Junit failures

As we prepare for smoketest tomorrow morning.  There are some Junit failures on the latest 3.1 M3 build.  Please take a look.  Thanks!

10 Junit failures in

Any updates?  Can these be resolved for tomorrow's smoketest build or is the plan to remove them?  Thank you!

2 Junit failures in

I believe Kiril's already reported and resolved these. Thank you!


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