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Re: [wtp-releng] JUnit failures - versioning

> There wasn't a build failure email this time, so hadn't noticed yet.

Due to that problem with sending mail to this list, I "narrowed" the people that get notice of build failures, to only me and Helen.
That is, removed the wtp-releng list. But, as I understand it, people who release code (that is, commit map files) should
still get those notices. (Tran, in Dali's case?). Let me know if that is not the case.

Some of this is discussed in bug 250300

And, I suppose, if anyone (such as Project Leads) want to be explicitly added to the "always notify upon failure" list, I can do that if you send me your email address  (but, be prepared for lots of new mail :)

I'd encourage everyone try the RSS feeds first, and see if that will help your workflow.

Suggestions welcome,


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