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[wtp-releng] JUnit failures - versioning


When I committed and released last night, I overlooked the fact that we modified 3 plugins that had yet to be modified in 3.0.3. I just committed and released the updated MANIFEST.MF files for:


      1.1.200.v200810160500 (current)
      1.1.200.v200805140020 (reference)
      1.1.201.v200810160500 (current)
      1.1.201.v200807290757 (reference)
      1.1.204.v200810160500 (current)
      1.1.204.v200809132300 (reference)

This does not effect smoke test, so M-3.0.3-20081016081843 can still be used as our smoke test driver for this week. (Also note that these plugin version errors would have a blocker bug if I hadn't noticed this before Helen.)


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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