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[wtp-releng] Status of our Final WTP 3.0 Build

I do think we are done building code ... but, I am re-running this evening in the off-chance we can get all the JUnit's to pass.
(It does appear is kind of "quite", so maybe some of those odd, "random" errors won't pop up?).

But, code hasn't changed ... AND, most important, I do not plan to update our pre-reqs for building, even though there's been a few
changes put into the platform. From the notices I have seen, seems like it would be nothing that would effect compilation, and nothing that
would effect our JUnit tests, so I will just update the download web pages this coming week to reflect the final versions of the pre-reqs, even
though we won't build with them.

If any one knows otherwise, please let us know and we can re-build with what ever you would like.


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