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Re: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.0 RC4 S-3.0RC4-20080605233411

Please do smoke test and formally sign-off if smoke tests passes ... but, to give warning ... since crashed again last night, we did not get the new about.html files from Orbit bundles in this build so I'll want to respin for the formal RC4 (by Tuesday). Plus, as always, I'll be updating our pre-reqs, later today, over weekend, and on Monday.

I do not think we need a formal check-off for any of these re-builds, but ... as in previous weeks, it would wise for each major team (and Helen :) to kick some tires on Monday just to sanity check that nothing screwy happens between now and the final RC4 candidate.

Note also that I added an RC5 target for webtools and dali, 3.0 RC5 and 2.0 RC5 respectively.

This does not mean we will add/change anything in our final release builds ... but, it does provide a mechanism for any such proposed changes to be marked,
and, I wouldn't be too surprised if someone wants to change a readme file, or something, so if by chance we need to change anything for our final build, this would be
the way to mark it for others to query.


From: Helen Zhang <hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 06/06/2008 10:21 AM
Subject: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.0 RC4        S-3.0RC4-20080605233411

Please smoketest the below WTP 3.0 RC4 build and update the smoketest page with your results.  Thank you!


Smoketest Results


Helen Zhang PMPĀ®
Rational Architecture Management Project Management Office
Eclipse Webtools Platform (WTP)

IBM Toronto Software Lab | 8200 Warden Ave. | Markham | L6G 1C7
Email: hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx | Phone: 905-413-3443 | T/L: 969-3443
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