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[wtp-releng] Status and reminders for RC2

It appears the smoke tests are progressing without incident, thanks everyone for your prompt attention. If anyone can NOT finish up this afternoon, please let us know (via this list).

I've moved several "RC2 PMC Requests" to RC3 ... we should only be touching RC2 now for "blocking" problems.

But, RC2 will be touched some, I've updated some stuff for update sites to work, and from cvs logs, it appears jsdt team released something they forgot to release yesterday (tsk, tsk), and, we will be re-spinning some as the "final" RC2 bits of our pre-reqs get promoted -- if they get promoted early enough (appears platform will be). I would not expect any change that would break us or require re-testing ... but that's what I said last week too! So ... I suggest teams keep an eye on the builds Monday and Tuesday and when pre-reqs that are critical to you become final for each team to give a quick sanity test -- no need to wait for a re-spin (there might not even be one), you can get their pre-reqs from their download sites (emf, emf-xsd, gef, dtp) and just make sure basics run. As far as I am concerned we do not need a formal sign-off on these "final pre-req" tests, but instead assume some minimal number of people will give it a kick and complain if problems found.

Over the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday before we formally declare, I think it's ok if teams commit doc or JavaDoc changes to head, if you are pretty sure they'd be approved, and even manually kick off a HEAD Build if you'd like. But please do not release anything, unless it is a blocking defect for RC2.

As lastly, remember we are entering the "two vote" period for RC3 ... I'll be fixing up the summary page later this afternoon.

Much thanks,

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