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[wtp-pmc] Stalled gerrit & move/merge requests from last week for webservices, servertools, and javaee


I'd like to get all the CI repos merged and reorged in time for M5, and being forced to wait 5+ days for a gerrit review is putting that goal in jeopardy. Could someone merge these?

Also need some eyeballs on Rob's & my proposal in BZ 528794 to move features from javaee to webservices, then merge the webservices repos. 

By far the simplest approach is to merge Rob's & my changes from his github fork's "merge" branch [1] to the master branch on You can also run the shell scripts, but the output will be the same -- it'll just take longer. 

Let me know that you're good with this plan, so we can schedule a time w/ the webmaster to do the required gerrit disablement. When are you free this week to do the changes? Shouldn't take more than 10 mins, max.



Nick Boldt

Senior Software Engineer, RHCSA

Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio

IM: @nickboldt / @nboldt /

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