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[wtp-pmc] No WTP 3.10.0 M1 driver


Today is our +2 day for WTP 3.10.0/ Photon M1. Unfortunately, I just got a WTP 3.10.0 build working. (Note: I had hoped that we would be building using the setup that Nick Boldt from Red Hat is championing by now, but since that has not yet happened, and since today is our M1 +2 day, I have proceeded with creating a build similar to the WTP 3.9.0 build.)
Simply put, our current code builds on top of Photon M1 without issue. However, we have no time for a smoke test- today is the +2 day for M1. As such, I will ensure that our WTP 3.9.0 final build is contributed to the Photon M1 simultaneous release. For the near-term, I will enable this WTP 3.10.0 build, and thus WTP will be able to ensure that future contributions to master compile against Photon. As far as I know, our plan is to still change our overall build structure for Photon, but since it has not yet happened, and since we have reached the M1 deadline, I am proceeding with this plan.
Please let me know if you have any comments/questions/concerns.


- Carl Anderson
WTP Releng project lead (for now)

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