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[wtp-pmc] Status of various WTP lead / committer positions?

Hi guys:

We need a bit of clarity here regarding the status of a few people, where they stand in their nominations, and how to proceed further.

1) Rob Stryker as lead of common, as I understand it, is not yet 100% complete? What's needed here?

2) Nick Boldt's nomination has not yet occurred as leader of releng. We're also completely unsure who can officially nominate him, or what further work he can provide to support such a nomination. But we have big hopes for a simplification of the build and project structure, and Nick is kinda critical to that end.  We believe the WTP PM must make this nomination (?), and if that's true... then....

3) Where does Elson stand on his nomination to replace Carl? How long is it expected to take?

So, these 3 things together need a bit of clarity to break through the clouds. Any help is appreciated.

- Rob Stryker

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