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Re: [wtp-pmc] Fwd: Deadlock bug in Eclipse Webtools 3.8.2 (latest release in Neon.3) - affects JBoss Tools 4.4.4, Devstudio 10.4, Fedora 25+, and RHSCL 2.4

Dear PMC Members,

here is the actual status for the bug:
  • patch provided
  • patch tested on m2e-wtp and Fuse Tools
There is some work in progress to provide gerrit instance on wtp project by Nick Boldt and Robert Stryker to:
  • allow easier review (possibly for this patch and all the future ones)
  • have a Jenkins job for gerrit-change (possibly for this patch and all the future ones)
Looking forward hearing from PMC members for possibilities of the 3.8.x maintenance continuation or patch release.


On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 10:17 PM, Victor V. Rubezhny <vrubezhn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear PMC Members,

As Bug #511793 ( is a blocker issue affecting the m2e-wtp and Fuse Tools projects, RedHat would request 3.8.x maintenance continuation or making a patch release in order to backport the fix [that is available as a patch] into 3.8.x (Neon) stream and provide the working solution for Neon users.

Thanks in advance,

Victor Rubezhny

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Subject: Deadlock bug in Eclipse Webtools 3.8.2 (latest release in Neon.3) - affects JBoss Tools 4.4.4, Devstudio 10.4, Fedora 25+, and RHSCL 2.4
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 11:08:38 -0400
From: Nick Boldt <nboldt@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Joe Orton <jorton@xxxxxxxxxx>, Honza Horak <hhorak@xxxxxxxxxx>, Vaclav Kadlcik <vkadlcik@xxxxxxxxxx>
CC: Victor Rubezhny <vrubezhn@xxxxxxxxxx>, Martha Benitez <mbenitez@xxxxxxxxxx>, Mat Booth <mat.booth@xxxxxxxxxx>, Aurelien Pupier <apupier@xxxxxxxxxx>, Kerri Anderson <kanderso@xxxxxxxxxx>, Tim Moran <timoran@xxxxxxxxxx>, Jean-Francois Maury <jmaury@xxxxxxxxxx>

Recently discovered a nasty deadlock bug in Eclipse Webtools 3.8.2 [1]. 3.8.2 was planned to be the final release in the Neon.x stream - Neon.3 dropped last month as the final simultaneous release. 

We've already moved Fedora 25/26/rawhide, RHSCL 2.4, JBoss Tools 4.4.4.AM2 and devstudio 10.4.0.AM2 to include these latest Neon.3 updates, so all 4 products/projects are affected.

This deadlock bug impacts most of JBoss Tools/devstudio, including m2e-wtp and Fuse Tools, so we're hoping we can get Webtools PMC to approve a 3.8.3 maintenance or patch release. 



@Victor, can you escalate this problem to the rest of the WTP PMC to get this moving?

@Joe/@Kerri/@Honza/@Vaclav, what's the latest we can push a fix into the RHSCL 2.4 Beta/CR bits before it goes GA on April 26? 

@Tim/@Martha/@Jeff, the latest we can update the JBT/devstudio target platform in preparation for the 4.4.4.Final/10.4.0.GA builds is May 9, but a few days before that is ideal so more testing/verification can occur. Alternatively we could provide a patch feature in Red Hat Central, or patch webtools ourselves and provide that in our target platform. Upstream is preferred, of course. 


More info: (JBT/devstudio target platform update bug) (Fuse Tools bug caused by upstream)

Note also that Fedora 26 has a Beta Freeze on May 2, so getting this in there beforehand would be ideal. 




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