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[wtp-pmc] No meeting today- please respond to this note


I'm having issues with my conference number today. As such, it will be easier if we just handle today's business via e-mail:

1) I propose that we officially call our Oxygen release WTP 3.9.0. Please respond with a +1 to indicate agreement.

2) I propose that we accept Hannes Erven as a new committer on the Libra project. Please respond with a +1 to indicate agreement

3) Today is our Oxygen M2 +2 day, and we still have one smoke test outstanding. Hopefully that will get cleared up soon.

4) There sure is a lot of interest in WTP right now- both proposals to move the XML editor to the Platform (which doesn't seem likely) and developers asking how to set up dev environments for WTP... let's see where these issues lead, and what we can do to improve the overall situation.


- Carl Anderson
WTP Releng project lead

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