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[wtp-pmc] Changes to WTP PMC

As I announced in the PMC call this afternoon, I am stepping down from the WTP PMC lead role, but keeping my PMC membership intact.   My job responsibilities at IBM are changing,
restricting the time I can devote to the WTP PMC lead role including organizing project activities, schedules, and meetings.  I will continue to lead the WTP Java EE project, and maintain the Java EE EPP package.

I nominate Carl Anderson as a very capable successor, who besides his memborship on the PMC, continues to lead the common and releng projects, requiring deep knowledge of eclipse processes, infrastructure, and goals.  Carl's many years on the project as a developer and release architect, have been invaluable navigating the project through the CBI and git repo transitions requiring strong persuasion skills organizing the many subprojects within WTP.
I feel Carl will be an excellent choice moving the Web Tools Project forward toward a more open and welcoming yet stable platform.

Thanks - Chuck

Senior Architect,
WebSphere Developer Tools, Eclipse WTP PMC Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC

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