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[wtp-pmc] Nomination for Carl Anderson as new WTP PMC member

It's my pleasure to nominate Carl Anderson as a new member of WTP's PMC.

Carl has had a long history with WTP, making large contributions to Common components, Java EE

frameworks, and underlying models.  He has lead the WTP Common and Releng projects for several years,
and has expertly transitioned the project from CVS to Git and PDE to Maven(CBI).
He is active in the community as a whole, and we would benefit greatly from his input on the PMC board.

In our recent meeting, the votes were unanimous, but wanted to make it official, so please reply with your vote soon

As stated in our PMC policy document[1], after being voted in, we'll notify the EMO for approval



Chuck Bridgham  4205 S Miami Blvd
Architect, WebSphere Developer Tools  Durham, North Carolina 27703-9141
Eclipse WTP PMC Lead  USA
Phone: 919-254-1848  
Mobile: 919-345-7657  
e-mail: cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx  


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