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Re: [wtp-pmc] Initial draft for "hotfeatures"

Two items of input:

1) This would open up hotfeatures to the community at large, as opposed to just adopters.  I think this might be OK, but I'm somewhat doubtful that non-adopters would be aware of the process, as it is not a standard OSS concept.   At the other end of the spectrum, there could be abuse of this type of system as it isn't restricted to the adopter community.

2) It is implied that accepting a hotfeature would be a hard commitment to completing the feature in a given release.  This is very different than the hotbug concept, where there is no commitment to actually fixing the bug.   I suppose this is OK, as long as project teams are very aware of the consequences of accepting a hotfeature.

I might lean toward making this just a process for adopters, but that is just a leaning. 


On 9/26/2013 10:22 AM, Chuck Bridgham wrote:
Hi everyone,

Before the meeting today, can you peek at my draft for hotfeatures..  I'd like your input, as this is different from the hotbugs procedure.
I was going to bring this up for discussion today during the meeting, but we can also wait another week, if we feel more discussion is needed among PMC members.


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