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[wtp-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Salvador Zalapa

webtools PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Salvador Zalapa's Committer status on the webtools.sourceediting project.
As a PMC member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My
Foundation portal page:

Salvador Zalapa was nominated by Nick Sandonato as follows:
I would like to nominate Chava Zalapa for committer on the Source Editing
project. Chava has been a dedicated contributor to Source Editing for quite
some time now and is no stranger to WTP with all of his Java EE
contributions as well. Chava has done a lot to improve the quality of our
editors through fixes in our formatters, content assist, parsers, and
making sure we keep our HTML 5 content model current. Chava has quickly
learned the ins and outs of how Source Editing as a whole operates, and he
is not afraid to tackle big problems. I believe Chava will be a great
addition to the WTP team and bring many more improvements to the Source
Editing project.

[398326]	org.w3c.dom.DOMException occurs after editing css file via
properties editor
[389051]	XML validation is running for folders marked as derived
[390904]	[formatting] CSS formatter moves comment to the previous line
[390903]	[formatting] CSS formatter inserts space before closing
[390254]	textarea required attribute not supported in HTML editor
[371430]	Wrong encoding type returned for XHTML file without "html" as
document root
[391852]	[validation]taglibs are not seen if included indirectly
[392767]	Reordered and Removed delta events should not be considered to
remove in the ProjectDecription
[357677]	[parser] Incorrect parsing of XML/HTML escape symbols after
[389434]	XML: Outline view does not show namespace when add
[397779]	Tag name are not generated properly in Turkish locale (dotless-i
issue in lowercase)
[367579]	[formatting] Formatting successive comments inserts spaces
[346128]	[content model] New XML Wizard creates invalid value for gMonth
data type
[404733]	Wrong warning 'No end tag' for Source HTML5 tag
[403943]	CategorizedProblems problem in JSP file are disappearing when the
annotations processor is turned on.
[380091]	Validator should warn about missing quotes
[405307]	tags files display "pageContext cannot be resolved" errors when
they are opened
[409674]	NPE is thrown while trying to format an internal CSS
[404190]	CSSpaser does not recognized properly a number if it ends with a
[120649]	[editor] double-click selection inconsistent when selecting rgb
value (#808080 vs #a08080)
[408164]	Wrong warning for HTML5 input type: Undefined attribute value
[219992]	[content assist] Incorrect insertion of value with help of content
assist in some case
[412395]	Incorrect formatting for filter: alpha(opacity = 33)
[404734]	Make HTML5 the default for new html files creation


Vote summary: 5/0/0 with 3 not voting 
  +1  Keith Chong
  +1  Nitin Dahyabhai
  +1  Mukul Gandhi
  +1  Christopher Jaun
   ?  Jesper Moller
   ?  Kate Price
  +1  Nick Sandonato
   ?  David Williams

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