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[wtp-pmc] [CQ 6567] MyFaces-RenderKit

Raghunathan Srinivasan <raghunathan.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Raghunathan Srinivasan <raghunathan.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx>  2012-06-08 00:05:51 ---
The attached Java class is similar in content to the same file in the CQ 1982
the only difference being the version of the file. The attached source is the
closest to the possible source of a binary version of the class used in the
Tests plugin in the webtools.jsf project tracked by the bug:
Bug 286351 - JSF Facet version validator fails to validate some non-standard

The above class is being removed from the project for the Juno release as
tracked by the bug:
Bug 381931 - Dummy JSF JARs used for testing should be removed, along with
tests that reference them

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