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[wtp-pmc] CQ PMC approvals ...

Miss my constant vigil on our CQ PMC approval list? :)

I know from experience (in WTP, and Tools), it is easy to think "oh,
someone else will probably do it, I'll check later" and then it gets lost
in the flood of emails we get. So ... we could always wait for the
reminders. Or ... perhaps there's a better process?

Perhaps one PMC member (besides me :) could be the assigned person
responsible for approving these? (and if they felt they could not approve,
had questions, etc., they would be responsible for bringing forward to a
meeting or this PMC list?)  Maybe rotate every quarter? Maybe "divide up"
the subprojects (though, by the time you know what subject is requesting
it, you are at the point it would be pretty easy to approve).

Just suggestions. Doubt it is a huge problem to solve. I won't be at
today's PMC meeting ... so, thought I'd leave the suggestion here to the
list ... and you all can discuss at meeting if you think worthwhile ...
just don't volunteer me to be the one person :)


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PMC:  Kind Reminder - this CQ needs PMC approval....


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