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[wtp-pmc] Requesting PMC Approval

Hi Everyone,

About a month ago I proposed an API change for the serverTools.  This
is a minor enhancement that is needed to support OSGi Launchers in
Libra project.  Although I am a committer (a rather silent one for the
last couple of years) for the server tool, I did not want to commit
the change before a PMC approval.

Please review and approve:

This change will allow a server adapter to optionally choose
synchronous starts - i.e. publish then start serially.   Libra needs
this capability to support some OSGi frameworks.

The API change is non-breaking, and requires no changes to existing servers.


Naci Dai - naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
eteration a.s.  itu ari-1 25 maslak istanbul tr
ph: +90 212 328 0825 - fax: +90 212 328 0521

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