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[wtp-pmc] Please review bug 361606 for a respin of 3.2.5

The 3.2.5 smoke test build had a number of failures in a JSDT Web test 
suite, as well as versioning problems that mean it can't actually serve as 
our final build [1].  The suite failures are a result of my attempts to 
constrain the range formatted by JSDT in a web page more than they were 
already (this was something we did have to do for the JSP Java formatter 
[2]) and accidentally commenting out that suite from my local copy of our 
master suite list.  The questionnaire is filled out, but the gist of it is 
a rollback of one source file results in all of the test suites, new *and* 
old, passing again.  The version increments are also attached as a patch 
on the bug and are intended to accompany the release of this rollback to 
the build.  Please review (and approve) it as soon as possible.


Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP Source Editing and JSDT
IBM Rational

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