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[wtp-pmc] WTP API Policy amendments (proposed)

This week, we discussed two main topics regarding our (WTP) API policy, and the need to further clarify the stated policy.
I could use some suggestions, especially on the new section defining "How to evolve API".  Please comment / change / rewrite

We'll discuss these again next week.

1) Amend the "Declared API" section to include the following (borrowed from the platform description):

 "The API (Application Programming Interface) is the entire public programming surface of the framework,
 thus it includes not only Java classes, packages, and interfaces, but also extension points, file formats, generated meta-data, and even objects that are passed through to internal packages. A good example
of extension point metadata is the use of defined facets representing a collection of Java classes, libraries, and attributes that define a specific domain.

2) Create a new section named "Process to evolve an API"

"There is a promise of stability from release to release, and evolving an api by various techniques that don't break adopters and maintain the current API behavior, can be proposed with required approval by the project lead.
 If a need for breaking api or behavior changes of existing api is deemed necessary, these exceptions must be brought to the PMC for approval, and will only be considered in new development  releases(Not maintenance)"

Thanks - Chuck

Chuck Bridgham
RAD Architect, Java EE Tools, WTP PMC

2D barcode - encoded with contact information Phone: 1-919-254-1848

4205 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703-9141
United States

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