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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for tomorrow's call


Reports and Actions from our Focus Areas (Roles)

Community Relations: Jess Garms

  • EclipseCon 2008

Quality: Neil Hauge

Requirements: Raghu Srinivasan

Architecture: Tim deBoer

Education: Naci Dai

Planning: David Williams

  • 3.0
    • M2 October 5

ATF Status


Other business

  • Visibility discussion on wtp-dev. David to send an updated draft by next week.

Action Items

  • David: new draft of visibility document
  • David: update 3.0 milestone plans
  • Raghu: create a wiki page: a checklist for how to lower the barrier to participation for all projects
  • David: create wiki page for 3rd-party requirements
  • Jess: Propose bug-finding day.
  • David: Reorg CVS? See bug 198541. It would appear now easier to refactor some cvs directories for easier unix admin ... would NOT change package names, etc. But would change map files. Everyone would have to re-checkout those projects.
  • Bob and Jess: WTP Refactor followup: Need to update website. Bob will do basics, but Project Leads will need to take ownership of their own pages. See bug 201331


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