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[wtp-pmc] Proposal for WTP Incubation Project


One "todo" item I have for this year is to start a WTP Incubation Project.

I've just learned if I get the proposal in on Monday, we can have the official review a week from Monday, else wait a month.

So ... I've whipped up the proposal and am distributing it now to the WTP PMC this weekend, and plan to submit on Monday afternoon for it's formal community review.

That is, unless I hear a quick objection from you!

Apologies, for the short runway, but it is pretty routine and follows established precedents.

Many of you PMC members are on the initial committers list as I choose most of the Project leads as the seed committers to get things going.

I don't think it will be very much extra work for any individual (and will save us work, long term),

but, since you are all experienced Eclipse committers, you would be expected to shepherd it along as a project committers would:

review code occasionally, participate in votes that are called, etc. It's sort of like we had to start with some group ... and you are the

best choices.  As time goes on, I suspect every Top Level Project will have one of these, or they may even be created "automatically" for each TLP.

So, please take a quick look at


and see if there's anything drastically wrong, otherwise we'll get this through the process quickly, and can handle some
of the mechanics at the same time we handle our other "refactoring" mechanics.

Later, especially if you want to take advantage of this project and it's parallel IP process, the proposal has a lot of links to
other, related documentation on "how to do" incubation projects that you can read more closely, so you might want to
book mark it for reference.

We will still discuss at our Tuesday meeting, and can always cancel if any of you object on Tuesday.