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[wtp-pmc] Re: [atf-dev] Open Mettings and getting the Source Code

I would of responded to you sooner, but have been on vacation.
No problem - I'm all for vacations - Americans should take more of them (myself included!)
I will work on improving the communication to the open source community. ...The team has announce two of this items to the ATF Dev forum (Dropping of the Personality and Zimbra support) to get community feedback.
I saw that - thanks for taking those steps.
We are probably one or two months away from laying out our plans.
Could you, perhaps, work on those plans in public? On the dev mailing list and the wiki? The more public you are about the way you develop the plans, the better the project's reputation for transparency will be. So rather than waiting one or two months to lay out a draft plan, start with a wiki page today and have everyone work on the story in public - set a date of two months for a finished plan and that everything in interim is just work-in-progress, but do it public... Thanks.

- Bjorn

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