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Naci Dai,

eteration a.s. itu teknokent ari-1 25
Maslak, Istanbul 34469

+90 (533) 580 2393 (cell)
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Hello everybody -

first of all, I would like to thank you for your proposals for the Eclipse Summit Europe. We dearly appreciate your contributions.

But we also have a problem (a luxury problem): With the 3 proposals from you folks ( Developing Java EE 5 Applications with WTP - Kaloyan,  Building Java Persistence API Applications with Dali 1.0 - Shaun and Eclipse WebTools Platform 2.0 - What's New - Naci) we would need 3 1h slots for WebTools, which we don't have per top level project.

On the other hand we believe that the content is worthwhile to be delivered. Now the program committee has asked me to discuss with you if we have other any options here to come to a maximum of 2 slots needed without losing the content.

Once of the options would be to use Naci's talk as the main talk - providing the overview over the Europa release as well as the planning for the next year (Ganymede), and then invite the 2 other talks for 30 minute update on the subjects given above. Another option would be to present one of the talks in form of a poster at the poster evening?

I would like to hear from you folks what you think - and if you see other possibilities to fit the content we are very much open to it.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards / Liebe Grüsse

Ralph Mueller
Director, Eclipse Ecosystems Europe
Eclipse Foundation Inc.

Coming up: Eclipse Summit Europe 2007

Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Home: +49 6251 789545
email: ralph.mueller@xxxxxxxxxxx
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