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[wtp-pmc] 3rd party dependencies and review scenarios.


We had heard thru the grapevine that there was going to be a change to the policy for 3rd party dependencies. We have been making changes to ATF based on what we thought the policy was going to be. Now I can actually read the policy. I would like to run three scenarios by you to find out what reviews are required.

1. General ATF Runtime support.

ATF will have a Wizard where a user can specify a "Name, Version, and where the Ajax runtime resides on the file system. The runtime could be almost any Ajax runtime available and the user would be required to download the runtime. After the user configures the runtime, it would show up in ATF wizards such as selecting the runtime when creating a project. If he selected the runtime when creating a project, ATF would copy the runtime into the project. The ATF infrastructure would not invoke or call the Ajax Runtime. A user of ATF could specify almost Ajax runtime, but the user is not required download any runtime to use ATF. Specifying an Ajax runtime is optional. Not sure whether any review is required in this case (maybe Works-with). I wouldn't be able to specify the Ajax runtimes supported, since it could be almost any Ajax runtime available. This is what we are planning for our next milestone.

2. Ajax Runtime handler

This is what ATF has today. The user optionally downloads an Ajax runtime and configures the runtime using a Wizard, but we have a handler for each runtime. The handler invokes the runtime to get the version info and handles putting the Ajax Runtime into a project. The user is not required to download and configure the runtime to use ATF. The would be a Works-with dependency and require a WTP PMC review.

3. Ajax Runtime handler with download support.

The handler for the runtime would be extended to download the Ajax Runtime from the internet. This would optionally occur if an user of ATF specified he was interested in using the Ajax runtime and accepted the license. Even in this case the user is not required to configure an Ajax runtime to use ATF. This is still a Works-with dependency but since we are dowloading the runtime, I'm wondering whether there should be a EMO review in this case.


Robert Goodman

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RE: [atf-dev] Thinking of dropping support for the Zimbra runtime

It’s great to see the ATF team consulting the community on these decisions.
With respect to pre-req’ing various Ajax frameworks, your project and the WTP PMC should be aware of the new Board policy on 3rd party dependencies.
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[atf-dev] Thinking of dropping support for the Zimbra runtime


The ATF team is trying to get a feel for the number of people that are using the Zimbra Ajax runtime. The ATF team is thinking about dropping support for the Zimbra Ajax runtime. The support to be dropped is the capability to add Zimbra to a Dynamic Web Project in eclipse. The Zimbra Wizards (Create Zimbra Application) and snippets have already been dropped as part of dropping the personality support. The Create Application Wizards and snippets support has been dropped for all runtimes.

The Zimbra Ajax runtime as shipped by Zimbra has to be manually rebuilt into a WAR file that can then be installed into Dynamic Web Project. The build.xml files released by Zimbra have to be modified to build the war. Many of these build issues are described in the Zimbra forums. The Zimbra runtime is one of the few runtimes that has to be manually built from the package downloaded from the site to be used. The existing version of Zimbra Ajax runtime was manually built and put into a plugin and hosted on the Zimbra site. The plugin hasn't been updated for more that an year and there are no plans to update to the plugin.

There is also no plans to send Zimbra through the legal reviews to put the Zimbra Runtime on the We have started this process for other dependencies of ATF (JavaXPCOM, and XULRunner) with the plans to eventually support an ATF all-on-one download. Actually there are no plans to send any Ajax runtime though an eclipse legal review to be hosted on the ATF site. As I stated in previous post about removing the personality support, we are going to provide a Generic Runtime support will allow an Ajax Runtime to be defined to ATF and added to a project. We will be providing  GUIs that will allow a developer just point to a runtime and then be able to use it in ATF. There will also be extension points that will allow an Ajax  runtime to be packaged in a plugin.

It is possible for teams that want to support Zimbra, to extract the code from CVS and build and maintain your own version of the Zimbra plugins. The Zimbra Runitme plugin hosted on the Zimbra site contains instructions on how to build the Zimbra runtime.

The ATF team is trying to understand how people will be effected by the plans to drop support for Zimbra.


Robert Goodman
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