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RE: [wtp-pmc] RE: WTP launch

thanks for your feedback.

PMC members, is this a go?  I'd like to incorporate Nitin's suggestions and publish if you approve.


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I believe that "and/or" should only be used when dealing with 
uncertainties, and our release's high-points are anything but at 
this point. 

"The Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 is available for immediate download 
(someurl). This release provides many new features along with improved 
quality, adopter readiness, and harmony with other Eclipse projects.  
Users will be particularly pleased with the debut of major new features 
and updates supporting Java EE 5 projects, EJB 3.0,  JPA, JSP 2.0,  JSF 
1.2, Axis2 Web Services, easier to use Server tooling with more powerful 
Tomcat support, and numerous editing improvements." ?

I also suggest the release's landing page,, as the URL of choice since 
you can easily get to the 2.0 download page, the main Europa 
site, and to our release notes and N&N from there.

Keep in mind that these are just my own opinions.  The PMC members will be 
making the decisions.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Structured Source Editing

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