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Re: [wtp-pmc] FW: [wtp-dev] RDB Requests PMC Approval For WTP 1.5.5 Defects

RDB is an exception. Since this is their _only_ avenue to "ship code" -- and their last opportunity at that.  Their intent is, I think, is defensible and worth while for an "end of life" component. Not all adopters can migrate to DTP yet, and some of these enhancements are to maintain parity with or for DTP, so once those adopters do migrate, it will still be equivalent (that is, there is no split-stream-like departure from the strategic direction of DTP).  Plus, it's relatively safe, since the RDB code is highly independent of the rest of WTP.

As I explained in one of our phone meetings, myself and the RDB team discussed the possibility of doing this work as "private patches" to RDB, but I encouraged them to do this work "in the open", as the best approach most likely to not surprise or interfere with any other adopters.

Of course, that's also why we have PMC review ... feel free to voice other opinions.

Or, if you were simply asking if others would be proposing feature enhancements to 1.5.5, the answer is no (at least, none that I know of!).
If they do, I know my criteria for acceptance will be much much higher than for this RDB work!


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[wtp-pmc] FW: [wtp-dev] RDB Requests PMC Approval For WTP 1.5.5        Defects

I reviewed  1880243 and 188761. The ‘patch’  has extensive code changes and looks more like a feature enhancement. Is RDB an exception or do we plan to include such enhancements in a maintenance release?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 2:21 PM
[wtp-dev] RDB Requests PMC Approval For WTP 1.5.5 Defects


180243 enhancements proposed for Access Control package of SQLModel & code regen using EMF2.2.1

188716 Extensibility for associating a State with any Object of the DB Explorer

188734 Animation/UI Job for Node Expansion/Catalog loading in the Database Explorer

188758 Add a Diagram Group to the Database Explorer Context Menu stack

188761 Database Explorer Connection Management Enhancements

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